Pursuit Alert


Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, while using the PursuitAlert service, no identifiable personal information will be collected by PursuitAlert as detailed in our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy explains our practices pertaining to the use of information and we ask that you read the Privacy Policy carefully. By accepting these Terms, you hereby acknowledge and agree to the collection of non-identifiable aggregate location information. Our updated privacy policy pertaining to the Software is readily accessible at http://www.PursuitAlert.com. and is part of these Terms. Since the privacy policy is subject to periodic updates, it is recommended that you periodically review the policy for updates.



PursuitAlert respects your privacy. PursuitAlert (The Company) offers emergency vehicle alerts to users of PursuitAlert’s mobile application (the “Application”) (collectively referred to as the “Services”). This Privacy Policy describes:

  • The information that PursuitAlert collects from users;
  • How that information is used by PursuitAlert; and
  • The rights and options available to users. This Privacy Policy is incorporated as part of PuruiitAlert’s Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use” or the “Terms “). Your use of the Services is subject to the Terms of Use, Copyright Policy, and this Privacy Policy and indicates your consent to them. Contact PursuitAlert if you believe that your privacy has been compromised by any person in the course of using the Services. You may send PursuitAlert other requests, responses, questions, and complaints by email to at: support@pursuitalert.com.
  • PursuitAlert uses location information to know when to send an alert based on your location in relation to that of an emergency vehicle. Location information in the form of GPS signals is sent by your mobile device on which the PursuitAlert Application is installed and activated. Pursuit Alert will not have access, collect or use your personal information whenever you activate the Application on a mobile device.
  • When using the Application, your approximate location will be available to the internals of PursuitAlert. PursuitAlert may use location information collected from you for the following purposes:
  • To provide you with the Services.
  • To provide you with support and handle requests and complaints;
  • To send you updates related to the Services.
  • To create aggregated and/or anonymous data (where such data does not enable the identification of a specific user).
  • To enforce the Terms of Use.
  • To handle breakdowns and malfunctions;
  • To take any action in any case of dispute, or legal proceeding of any kind between you and the Service.
  • If PursuitAlert organizes the operation of the Services within a different framework, or through another legal structure or entity, or if PursuitAlert is acquired by, or merged into or with another entity, or if PursuitAlert enters bankruptcy, provided, however, that those entities agree to be bound by the provisions of this Privacy Policy, with respective changes taken into consideration;
  • To collect, hold and manage anonymous location information through cloud based or hosting services to be used for reasonable for business purposes,
  • PursuitAlert may use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information (including anonymous location information), in a form that does not enable the identification of a specific user, to properly operate the Services, to improve the quality of the Services, to create new services and features, including customized services, to change or cancel existing content or service, and for further internal, commercial and statistical purposes. PursuitAlert may also use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information collected on the Services, in a form that does not enable the identification of a specific user, by posting, disseminating, transmitting or otherwise communicating or making available such information to users of the Services, to the Services’ providers, partners and any other third party. PursuitAlert implements systems, applications and procedures to secure its information, to minimize the risks of theft, damage, loss of information, or unauthorized access or use of information. However, these measures are unable to provide absolute assurance. Therefore, PursuitAlert does not collect your personal information.