Pursuit Alert


Jan 2018

2016 Innovision Awards Community Service – PursuitAlert

2016 Innovision Awards Honors PursuitAlertM.

InnoVision’s  Community Service Award recognizes an organization for the development of new technology or for the innovative application of existing technology, to provide products, services, or processes that improve the quality of life in South Carolina communities.

This year Innovision honored Tim and Trish Morgan and company (PursuitAlert) with its coveted Community Service Award. PursuitAlert – a South Carolina (Upstate) based company is a patented state of the art mobile warning system to alert motorists and civilians of an immediate danger from a high-speed pursuit chase. This smartphone app is free to the public and covers a three-mile radius, of an active Police pursuit by a participating law enforcement agency. “As the pursuit progresses or concludes, PursuitAlert will notify the affected community members that the pursuit is now out of range and to continue with caution.”

The goal of PursuitAlert and its founders is to limit tragedies, devastation, and loss caused by deadly pursuits.
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